The Cause and Effect of Antibiotics

As we rolled into 2017 I was reading The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and read at every opportunity while on holiday.

Then I had to go back to work.

51b7-bx7cglMy 20 minutes on the train each morning and evening is not enough to get through a book quickly, especially if you are enjoying it. Fortunately I had downloaded the companion audio book from Audible that syncs with your reading position on your Kindle. I could keep listening to the book while I walked into the office. That lead to listening on my walks at lunch time. Before I knew it I was listening to the book all the time, and not reading it.

It is funny how your preferences can change. I have not listened to an audio book for a while. Preferring reading and podcasts. But I enjoyed this one. Continue reading The Cause and Effect of Antibiotics

Are You Average?

I am not average. Any part of me that is average is a fluke. Sheer chance. A statistical anomaly.

Some times a theme pops out during my reading and listening routine. I can’t get this one line out of my head, as heard on the Tim Ferris Show.

… extremes inform the mean, but not vice versa.

Dan Formosa, PhD

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